The cooperative SOPACDI has set itself the mission to achieve a sustainable coffee production level (socio-economic) for producers. In order to achieve this, it puts producers together to better sell their products live (without commissionaires). All the small producers work together towards Sopacdi’s vision. There is a set of different axes of work: quality, certification,…


Stakeholders of SOPACDI namely members, officers and employees refined the vision below at SOPACDI: “Coffee farmers in full employment, solidarity and prosperity”. This vision, refined by SOPACDI, comes from the major challenges faced by coffee growers and the population of its area of action.


Variety – Arabica coffee, bourbon Type Full washed: Kivu 3, Micro-lot– Semi-lava: Kivu 3– Kivu 7 (triage) Quotation -85+ -82+ -80+ -Semi-washed K4 -quotation 68+ -Triage K7


For small producers members : Increase in production and income SOPACDI offers its members a free service for the improvement of their plantations or fields. It has made available to them 35 qualified agronomists for their supervision, sensitization and various training on good agricultural practices (composting, liquid biofertilizer, bio-treating, erosion control, agroforestry, etc.) and the…